The Books Featured in The Last Bookshop in London

When planning out The Last Bookshop in London, I set my eye toward making the book a celebration of reading. This meant exploring books that I have known and loved and that have impacted my life in some way. These books have been read at various times in my life, going all the way back…

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Research for The Last Bookshop in London

Magnifiying glass at desk

After the release of The Last Bookshop in London, I was often asked when speaking at book clubs where I found my research and how much of the book is historically accurate. Aside from the characters and Primrose Hill Books itself, everything is as true to history as was possible for me to make it.…

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Writing The Last Bookshop in London

There’s one thing you should know about me: I love history! I love reading about it, visiting historical sites, letting my imagination reside there for longer than it probably should and, of course, losing myself in historical fiction. I think the progression of a shift toward writing fiction after years of historical romance is an…

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