Highland Wrath

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Published by: Oliver Heber Publishing
Release Date: November 14, 2023
Pages: 300


Sylvi’s life was changed forever when a man, distinguishable only by the fact that he’s missing half an ear, murdered her entire family. Then it was changed again when a mysterious woman, known only as My Lady, took her in and gave her the tools of retribution through intensive training as an assassin.

Now that she’s joined My Lady’s team of spies, her missions may change, but she never stops searching for the man who stole everything from her, though her current mark, Ian, is doing a good job at distracting her. His skills are nearly as disarming as that striking profile of his and she can’t help but be more intrigued than angry. Plus, she can’t shake the thought there’s a chance that he might know where to find the men who killed her family.

Will forming an unlikely truce with Ian give her everything she’s yearned and more, or will she risk losing not just her heart, but her life and the very thing that saved her.


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