The Earl’s Hoyden



From New York Times Bestselling Author Madeline Martin comes the first book in a playful Regency series where the girls of Lady Finch's Finishing School grow into ladies who have no intention to ever marry...

A wallflower no one wants...

Lady Hannah is a friend to everyone and would be the perfect bride, if only she wasn't such a hoyden. Perhaps that is why no man has made an offer of marriage...

Not that it matters. The life of a country spinster will do quite nicely.

That is until she's approached by the Earl of Brightstone to assist him in becoming more appealing in his search for a wife. She readily agrees. After all, they would never suit.

Not when he follows the rules and she breaks them.
Not when he overthinks everything and she's so very impulsive.
Not when he's looking to marry and she knows she'll never receive a proposal.

But hearts have a way of defying even the most pedantic minds and opposites often create the brightest sparks...

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The Rake’s Convenient Bride

 A wallflower who trips through life…

Lady Elizabeth Ashbrook is something of a klutz. Only this time the quiet, bookish young lady has literally fallen directly into the path of none other than the notoriously rakish Earl of Darington.

When an accidental encounter appears rather compromising, Lady Elizabeth does what any sensible young lady would, and declares they are engaged.

Even rakes can act the gentleman when necessary and Lord Darington does so by allowing her lie to stand, thus saving her reputation with the ridiculous claim. After all, they only need to be “betrothed” for a few weeks before calling their engagement off.

And it will be called off. Lord Darington is enticing, smooth-talking, and as sure in his footing as he is in his own confidence. That is to say, he is everything Lady Elizabeth is not and the kind of gentleman that should make any lady guard her heart.

In all possible ways, they are entirely ill-suited for one another…aren’t they?

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