Deception of a Highlander

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Published by: Oliver Heber Publishing
Release Date: November 18, 2022
Pages: 340
ISBN13: 979-8838798909


Mariel Brandon has been forced to become a spy for one of England’s most ruthless underground crime lords, but her new assignment is more than she can bear: she must become an assassin. With her brother being used as an incentive to make her compliant, she has no choice but to agree. However, she does not expect her mark to stir such feelings and passion within her. But she can’t afford to give in to those feelings when his death is the only thing that can save her brother?

Kieran MacDonald, Laird of the MacDonald clan, has his suspicions about the English, most especially the lovely lass who has suddenly taken an interest in him and has insisted he escort her to Scotland. She’s far too beautiful, far too interested in him and he is far too tempted. While he longs for the freedom to act on his fierce desires, he too has secrets that must be safeguarded.

When it comes down to love vs loyalty and life vs death, hard decisions must be made and no option offers a way for everyone to have a happily ever after. So when sacrifice and desperation clash, the true question becomes: can love and passion triumph when there is so much deception between them?

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