Possession of a Highlander

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Published by: Oliver Heber Publishing
Release Date: November 18, 2022
Pages: 360
ISBN13: 979-8364504821


Love can be the greatest possession.

Brianna Lindsay's grip on the inheritance that is rightly hers hangs by a thread. If it’s discovered her father has died, Brianna will be forced into marriage with her loathsome cousin and will lose all of Edzell Castle and its lands. When a complete stranger sweeps into Edzell and insists on replacing her captain of the guard, can a woman who has always longed for love stop herself from the draw of passion with this handsome Highlander?

Though his motives are suspect, Colin MacKinnon has nobility in his blood and good intentions in his actions. He seeks his own holdings, ones to rival his father's, and sets out to conquer Brianna in the best way he knows how - with seduction.

Brianna never thought that of all the wealth she protects, the one thing she has left completely vulnerable is her heart. Colin never thought that of everything he stands to achieve, he might have to face the unexpected pain of loss. Together they must navigate a treacherous world of spies and intrigue, of legacy and fidelity, of love and betrayal, to find what is truly worth possessing.

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